Welcome to GhostHacks96's Staff Managment plugin for Spigot

Get to know the plugin

The Plugin was designed for simple Staff Managment and Staff Applications

Simply fillout the form below to apply for the Staff position your want!

What Staff Managment Offeres


Easy to use, with a online application and a in-game GUI to approve or deny the applications makes it simple for people to run through their Staff applications.

All applications saved.

Ever wanted to see everyone whos applied for a Staff Position? With StaffManagment its easy, simply open your panel and there they are!

Server Staff Administration

Need to demote Someone quickly? or that you cant remember the name of? Simply open the gui and and with a couple simple click their gone!

Server Limits

With the free version of Staff Managment, you can have 2 servers that use the key, But with the premium version you get unlimited servers!