Welcome to GhostHacks96 Programming website.

Get to know me

I've been programming for a few years, I mostly work in JAVA but I have done work in a few other langs.

I started programming in high school, and Ive only progressed my programming so far but I still learn new langs and work with ones I have not worked with.

Past Projects

Short list of my past projects.

  • For my Spigot Plugins check out GhostHacks96

  • My other projects are currently prottected until the companies/individuales allow me to release information

What I currently offer

My current services


Custom Spigot plugins

JAVA programs

Build a custom program for you or your company, no limit to difficulty.

Server Administration

Having a problem with a VPS,Webserver,or Game server. I can help you resolve it and fix it quick.

Website Redo

Got an outdated website? I can help you bring it back to life and help you update it to current info.

Web Software Install and Configure

Want to install a new web software like Wordpress,Xenforo,ect but dont know where to start. I can help you with it.

Computer Issues

Computer acting up, let me help you out with that.